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Jacobs Popcorn Bowl

  • Jacobs Popcorn Bowl
    Jacobs Popcorn Bowl
    Heritage Collections
    Like the other authentic cookware they offer, it's all made in the US, as they've been doing since 1819. ' Industry Outsider Since 1819, we've always been about making good times happen right at home, and few foods bring a family together quite like popcorn. Our handmade bowl generously sized for even the largest family, offering the perfect opportunity to share this wonderful snack while creating those special moments that turn into fond memories. Whether you're gathering 'round to watch a movie on the TV or sharing ghost stories by the campfire, go ahead and share America's favorite snack with your loved ones. Start making your own good times, and enjoy using our popcorn bowl the same way our ancestors did when talking'not texting'was the entertainment of the day.
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