Ethan Allen Edition Flask

  • Ethan Allen Edition Flask
    Ethan Allen Edition Flask
    Heritage Collections
    This is a flask for the finest aged whiskeys, for life-changing adventures into the unknown, and not for your local ballgame and some off-brand swill. ' Every Guyed They say a flask is made to keep liquor discreet, but this is one distinguished vessel. It's the kind of flask you would want to show off rather than tuck away. Named after Ethan Allen, best known as one of the founders of Vermont and for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga early in the American Revolutionary War, we are proud to introduce our special edition Ethan Allen Edition Flask. Available exclusively at, this handmade copper flask has many unique features: a hand-dyed honey tan leather case and strap, hand stitched with contrasting white stitching, and two Old West Shot Glasses. The only thing that's missing is your favorite barrel-aged American whiskey.
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