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24k Gold Plated Tin Cup

  • 24k Gold Plated Tin Cup
    24k Gold Plated Tin Cup
    Heritage Collections
    Looking for a new drinking vessel? A cup to use for your whisky, coffee and beer? How about a cup with some history? You might want to take a look at this cup. ' Cleveland Hops A true collector's item, we've taken our Classic Tin Cup and plated it in a special FDA approved 24k gold finish. Just like our Classic Tin Cup, it's handcrafted without welding, soldering, or rivets, and we're still producing them the same way today with a little help from the original machinery and equipment. Take a sip from this legendary American cup, and travel back in time to those simpler days. Forget about the telephone and Internet, and instead enjoy a quiet moment much like the cowboy tending his herd, the explorer drinking from an unspoiled stream, or a Civil War soldier relishing a quiet moment between battles. This exclusive gold plated tin cup makes the perfect gift for the history buff, the busy executive, and any guy or gal who appreciates nostalgia.
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