John Wayne Edition Flask

  • John Wayne Edition Flask
    John Wayne Edition Flask
    Heritage Collections
    Stainless steel is for water bottles. Single malt deserves something more. ' Men's Journal Let's hear it for old-timey cowboys. The six-shooters. The shaving with buck knives. The handmade copper flasks with vintage wooden stoppers made specifically for housing barrel-aged American whiskey. As a larger-than-life hero who always did the right thing, John Wayne lived his life with all the integrity, grit, and common sense of the characters he portrayed in his films. After sorting through thousands of photos of John Wayne and his personal belongings, we built and named this flask in honor of his legacy. This flask is a spin off of our popular Great American Flask, and features a distinctive copper chain and hand-dyed leather carrying case with integrated belt clip. Available exclusively at, an heirloom like this only gets better with age.
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