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Frontier Frying Pan

  • Frontier Frying Pan
    Frontier Frying Pan
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    If you decide to get away from it all and head out to explore the frontier, make sure to bring along the one thing that won't let you down, a legendary Jacob Bromwell Frontier Frying Pan. ' The Green Head The sweet, succulent sound of sizzling bacon in the morning is music to the ears of any country camper. Wake the family up with the smell of breakfast on the fire and keep them entertained all day long with the adventure built into every Jacob Bromwell product. In 1848, folks flocked to California in search of gold, and our brutally-rugged Frontier Frying Pan helped those miners cook meals as they searched for infinite treasure. After breakfast, give your kids these pans, and see if you can't make your riches happen just like the 49ers.
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