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Healthy Popcorn Popper

  • Healthy Popcorn Popper
    Healthy Popcorn Popper
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    In an age when businesses live or die by the next new thing, it's refreshing to see a manufacturer that has thrived by making the same stuff the same way for almost 200 years. ' USA Network Character Approved Want a healthy, wholesome snack the whole family can enjoy? Our Healthy Popcorn Popper delivers all of the benefits of our Original Popcorn Popper, but requires no oil, leaving you with a lower-fat snack. Both of our popcorn poppers make delicious popcorn, and everyone loves watching the kernels magically transform into fluffy popcorn, whether it's popped over an open fire or kitchen stovetop. This durable popcorn popper is still made in America, and now in its 190th year of production, having warmly maintained its original design since it was introduced in the early 1800s. So enjoy our Healthy Popcorn Popper the same way Americans did centuries ago. You may never have experienced popcorn this good!
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