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Homestead Rolling Pin

  • Homestead Rolling Pin
    Homestead Rolling Pin
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    From a nostalgia standpoint, Jacob Bromwell is hard not to love, one classic after the next. ' Tension Wire Step back in time and enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking and baking with our Homestead Rolling Pin! Our rolling pin is a treat for bakers and collectors alike, and is an essential that every kitchen needs. An extra-long dough roller, it's crafted of genuine maple with a sturdy steel axle, and is extremely effective at rolling out pastry dough. It has the same familiar and reliable feel as the one grandma used in her kitchen, and is still hand made by Bromwell right here in the USA...even after all these years. So go ahead - get your very own Homestead Rolling Pin today, and join the Jacob Bromwell tradition. Let the good times roll in your kitchen!
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