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Gourmet Food Processor

  • Gourmet Food Processor
    Gourmet Food Processor
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    You need to know about Jacob Bromwell. They have the most interesting, handcrafted housewares. ' Inspired Taste Today's kitchens are filled with tools that speed up the process of food preparation, but don't make the end product any more tasty. If you're a cook that's concerned with quality and enjoys preparing foods without modern technology, you'll love using our traditional hand food processor, or chinois strainer (as it is sometimes called). Still the most versatile food processor on the market, this ricer is used for pureeing cooked fruits and vegetables or making juice. The strainer filters skin and seeds, and the simplistic beauty of the design has held up all these years. Your friends and family will enjoy the extra flavor and nutrients of fresh pureed veggies, rather than those from a can or jar.
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